Our promise to you is to use quality materials and workmanship. We guaranty this and we will always strive to meet all of your expectations. Please be aware that we can not guaranty our products for wave damage, ice damage, acts of God and man. That being said, we will always do our best to be there on time, on budget, and to make your project safe and effective for years to come.

"Thanks for your help and for the lift. I'm glad that John referred you."       Rick Bast

"I highly recommend Steve at Prestige Services. Steve did a great job on two previous projects for me. He is honest, ethical, fair, and his prices are reasonable. I am sure that he would greatly appreciate any referrals that you send his way."     Brent Kessler 

..."and the job really looks good. Thanks again. Feel free to use me as a reference."    John Zieren

"You have a great reputation at the Lake."     Earl Rand

"Thanks again for all of your help."   John Day        Double Diamond Boat Brokerage

....and on and on and on! Give us a chance on your next project and be one of our satisfied customers.

Many thanks to all of our customers that became our friends that have made Prestige Docks and now Prestige Services a success for all.

We are making the Lake a better place, one project at a time! 
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